Monkey Duty is a comic strip about the miseries of working in the corporate world. It is written for all those young professionals who are miserable at their jobs and need a chuckle every once in a while. Please know that you are not alone.

Origins of the Comic:

I came across a poster at work one day. It depicted a silly looking monkey slipping on a banana peel; below it the caption read: “Stay upright and watch your step.”  While the purpose of the poster was to promote workplace safety, something about it was brutally honest. After reflecting  for a moment, it all made sense: This is what management thought of us; they think we’re a bunch of stupid monkeys!

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized…they were right! We are monkeys of the workplace.

From Ape to Chimpanzee:

Monkey Duty is a metaphor as to how we are perceived by others within the workplace.  Some of us may be perceived as gorillas (managers), others as moles (security guards), and others as monkeys (engineers).

Everybody knows that monkeys are the smartest animals, yet for some reason they get no respect. People laugh at them at the zoo, and nobody wants to be compared to a monkey. It’s an insult. And just like in the workplace, the smartest animal isn’t the king of the jungle. Instead, the monkey merely tries to survive among his less intelligent superiors.

However, monkeys should be seen as an inspiration to all us because they are the ultimate rock throwers. When subject to unfair treatment (like being in a cage), they throw monkey doodie at you.  Literally.

Let us follow their example – keep the Monkey Duty flying.