Meet the Characters


Rufus – A young engineer with several years of experience now under his belt. Rufus was once a motivated, hardworking engineer, but years of mundane assignments and lack of recognition have turned him into a negative, cynical shell of his former self. He has given up hope, but still occasionally gets fooled by management into thinking that there are opportunities for him that will be rewarded.
Roy – A young engineer, only a few years out of school, and considered one of the top employees because he works hard despite getting paid very little. While he is a quick learner, he is not as knowledgeable as Rufus due to his lack of experience. Though not quite as jaded as Rufus, he is slowly coming to realize that he has no future at BoroTech. Roy is what Rufus was 3 yrs ago.

Molly– A recent transfer, Molly is the only female engineer on the team, and thus gets a lot of unwanted attention from her socially awkward co-workers. Though she is probably the smartest person in the team, her compassionate nature and reluctance to stand up for herself routinely put her in a losing situation.

Leadership Team:

Wade – Team Lead of the XYZ Product Team. He is the effective boss of Rufus, Roy, and Molly. He gives them their assignments but can’t hire or fire anyone. He is disgruntled that he hasn’t become a manager after all these years and takes it out on his team by ignoring them.

Kenny –Functional Manager of all the Product Engineers. He is the official boss of Rufus, Roy, and Molly. His job is to develop the careers of his employees, but he rarely interacts with them and really has no idea what they do. He focuses on giving his employees false hopes. He is completely motivated by money and only looks out for himself

Bill – Another Functional Manager, but for this one is for Manufacturing Engineers. Exactly the same type of personality as Kenny. Regularly schemes with Kenny about how they can screw the engineers to cut costs and get bigger bonuses.


Support Team:

Darlene – The Office Administrator and working mother of four. Her main duties include sending out mass emails, ordering office supplies, and scheduling meetings. Though technically not her boss, Kenny tends to use her as his personal secretary.

Chuck and Larry – Two obstructionist bureaucrats whose goal is to challenge and prevent any engineer from getting actual work done. They believe stonewalling makes them appear more valuable to the company because it demonstrates their knowledge of procedure. In reality, they have worked at BoroTech so long that they have lost any skills they once had. They were selected to fill these bureaucratic positions of power only because everyone else was busy.

Benny – Benny is also an obstructionist bureaucrat, but different from Chuck and Larry in that his intentions are good. He tries to help, but his dedication to procedure and total lack of common sense often prevents engineers from making any progress.

Other Employees:

Willy – The main Security Guard. Willy takes his job very seriously..when he is awake. He dislikes everyone, except females. He routinely misses several crimes in the parking lot because he focuses all his energy on giving employees a hard time over their badges.

Mac – A cafeteria worker with good intentions, but is generally unsanitary. He seems to have a shady past and is probably an ex-convict, but he’s a nice guy so most people don’t ask.